Should you care about social media?

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When it comes to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter it's hard to tell if its a topic of interest to the masses or not. There is no question that these sites are here to stay.

Who is on Social Media? 

The Millenials, people under 35, are all wired into social media. Not every millenial uses every available media but they all use some. Within 6 years they will represent 50% of the workforce. I think that makes the social media topic significant.

From those of us over 35 I hear a lot of statements that they/us don't use social media and they are not interested in it.  I think the wave will catch us all eventually. I was chatting with a mutual fund company representative the other day and he said the topic was not something he gave a lot of thought to. He said it would be a long time before it mattered. I asked him where he looked for information on things and he said "Google". He never thought about it, but he is already being impacted by social media, I have done enough research on the topic to know that Google search results are affected by the amount of activity you have on your web site and the level of interaction you demonstrate with social media feeds and sites.

Should your Business be on Social Media?

For business people this will become increasingly important. For the consumer I see increased usage of "Event" pages on Facebook. I have now seen them used for several events I have participated in such as dog shows and this week I followed the World Lightning Sailboat Racing event in Ridgeway Ontario.

The web site had the descriptions and the races. They incorporated a Twitter feed to keep people up to date on the changing race times as weather impacted things. Then I also saw some great photos on the Lightning Facebook page. Michele and her husband were racing in the event and they did not have time to be texting so I found all this pretty useful.  I bet we see a lot more of this type of communication as we struggle to figure out how all this "stuff" works.

In the meantime we will continue to pick articles that should be of interest and send them out in the form of a newsletter. That will catch the group who uses e-mail. Sending hard copies by ground mail is becoming increasingly expensive and time consuming, but we will continue the service where it is still desired. 


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