World Lightning Championship

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World Lightning Championships 2015

Yes there is boat below that wave! Every 20 years, it is Canada's turn to host the world races on Lake Erie. Lightning Class Sailboats (19 ft.) are all the same size and they are operated with a crew of 3 people. My husband Chris and I were one of 5 Canadian Boats that qualified for the races. We also received an award for the oldest boat (a 43 year old Lippincott model, no longer in production) In race 1, 67 boats were trying to hit the starting line at the same time. What an incredible experience! 9 races in 5 days. We broke our tiller (steering) in 2 different races due to the strain of the wind and waves and had to work with a cracked tiller in 2 more races. It's an adventure I will never forget....until my next near death experience.