Down the Rabbit Hole: Gaining experience in Social Media

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How is it going?

I have come to believe that Social Media may one day be viewed as an event on par with the invention of the printing press. My first article Should You Care about Social Media? met with a lot of positive feedback and has encouraged me to document my experience as I venture on.

What Media do I work on

The key networks at the time of writing are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  As a business person, you will eventually need to establish a presence in this virtual world. 

After setting up accounts on the three social networks I realized that my LinkedIn profile was key to my online presence. This took some time and thought to develop,

Building an audience or, “gathering connections”.

LinkedIn: Who should you connect to? That’s an individual decision, but the objective is to have a pool of professionals who help you in your business and  make new connections that will result in business.

Your connections will see the posts that you make on LinkedIn. They may or may not review your posts on a regular basis, but can still access them at leisure through your recent activity. You have to decide what to do about people you don’t know who want to connect. They may eventually want to do business.

Facebook Corporate Page: Here we need people to like our page. Once they like the page, they can/will receive the posts that you make on your page.

Twitter: Here we follow. Who?  Twitter is a generic wide open broadcast tool. You may see news, philosophy, mood statements and yes even good information on specific topics. I am still trying to get a handle on the “who and why”. I’ll get back to you on that.  If you want to see what I’m doing on Twitter follow me @DavidAndrewsCFP.

So I now have a bunch of connections.  The information received and posting can be a bit overwhelming to manage. To be honest, I do not have time to read everything, so I just concentrate on building that social media audience for now.

Blog, Post, Like, Share, Comment!

Seems like a scary proposition, particularly if you are not in the habit of “writing”. I have been provided with a couple of tools to make things easier. In conjunction with my Dealer, Manulife Securities Incorporated, I have access to two programs. I say they are to help me, but they serve a dual purpose in that the Dealer gets to monitor my public comments and help me  avoid some potential publishing pitfalls.

One of my “help” sites did an analysis on my LinkedIn profile and now suggests articles based on the topics it finds in my profile. These articles have already been searched from “approved” sites. I can read these and schedule repost and comments on specific release dates. Takes about 10-15 minutes a week.  Feel better? It helped me.

What does the future hold?

I have started the blogging adventure and you are reading me.  Once I get my feet under me I need to figure out how I can reference parts of my website to increase traffic. Let’s see how that works in the future.

Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.