Social Media: It feels like a Maze

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Finding my Way


After my last Blog, Down the Rabbit Hole, feeling much like Alice, I booked a call with my Mad Hatter, (Social Media Consultant), to further discuss the idea behind getting connected and found I needed to keep on working on connections. I asked specifically about LinkedIn and questioned the benefits of accepting requests from competitors, recruiters and people I do not know, wanting to link with me; people who I have traditionally shied away from.  The response to each of these questions “Why Not?” I am writing this blog because it helps me organize my thoughts and if there is anyone else who feels a bit unsure of how this is working, it may help



Connect, Connect, Connect

So, “Why Not?” I realized that after years of target marketing and the cautions from LinkedIn about random connections, I had been being very careful about who I connected with. On top of that, other advisors had expressed concerns that competitors would gain access to client lists and people would discover their secrets etc. etc. A client base is built one client at a time. My SM Consultant had said that I need to build an image on social media as a go to type of advisor, someone who can speak to other industry people as well as potential clients, share, share and share.  So, throwing caution to the wind, I went back to Connecting. I need an audience.


I have been working on all 3 platforms trying to understand why I might need all 3 platforms and for what purpose. I have been avoiding the “free” upgrades on LinkedIn because I am not sure that I am ready to jump into Social Media prospecting without some evidence that I am “connected” and active in this space, (blog, tweet and post). After increasing my efforts to connect, I managed to add another 70 people, putting my contacts up to what I consider a comfortable number of 300. Not great, but not missing the boat. It was interesting to note the increased level of activity, views etc. I had 76 views in the last month putting me in the top 20% of my connections.  My last blog got 54 views and 13 Likes and 4 Comments. Makes me feel like growing my connections was a benefit. Connect to me on LinkedIn


Michele and I are now going to focus on Facebook.  I have been publishing much the same thing on all media up until now, but Michel and I are at a point where we think we can start to consider customizing the message based on the media and therefore the audience. We will try to make LinkedIn more business oriented and Facebook more “friendly”. Since we have one corporate page for the 2 of us, Michele will be responsible for that.  We have lots of work here to grow our “Likes” and build our Facebook audience. Like us on Facebook.


My mysterious Twitter Account has grown in the last 28 days. 3200 impressions, almost 200 followers and 96 profile visits. I say mysterious because I am not sure I quite get it yet. To build my numbers I basically took the follow anyone route just to get some kind of audience in place. Seeing the number of followers that some have makes you humble, but I figure I am in this for the long game and someday I will figure out how to make it work. As I increase my contacts, I am getting a better idea of how others are using the tool. I will need to develop my own strategy to make this work.  Right now…Connect. Connect, Connect. Follow me on Twitter.  @davidandrewscfp 

What have we learned?

I have devoted a lot of my time to my social media “education” over the last several months. I have at times felt consumed (and still confused), but I have come to several conclusions:

  • You can’t be in a hurry. This is like weight loss, dieting is short term, changing your habits is more work
  • I have been taught over the years that to be successful in the business I must focus, focus, and focus. Social Media feels like the opposite: broadcast, broadcast, broadcast. My biggest realization was that these old habits were holding me back. I have had to let go and loosen up and as my mad media Consultant said, I need to share more of myself. That idea still feels scary.
  • I have not abandoned my objective of providing targeted services to clients, but I need to develop new strategies to achieve these goals. When I am comfortable that I have this worked out, I will look at LinkedIn Navigator
  • Last but not least, I need to revisit my business plan and develop “my” comprehensive strategy for managing and developing relationships in this digital world.