Is your Website ready for Social Media?

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I still hear lots of people saying “I’m doing this Social Media stuff but I am not sure why. I just signed up and I’m posting stuff.”  Sound familiar?  I know I spent the better part of a year getting connected and wondering why I was doing it. Then I asked myself if Social media was going to replace my website and that question changed my life.  Having a web site was not a new concept like Social Media so I did not initially put the two things together. Now I realize my website is actually part of my Social Media Strategy. 

Make your Website the Center of your Social Media Platform

I like to think of my website as my virtual office, my showroom and my library. For over 20 years’ people have told me I need to drive traffic to my website so that I can get more clients. That was easier said than done because the tools were not readily available. I have more work to do for sure.

Social Media Provides the Tools to drive traffic to your site

Social Media is readily identified as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and rapidly expanding to other platforms. These are essentially “news or talk” channels. We are advised to “post” “repost” “share” and “blog”. If your  social media efforts are all focused on re-posting newspaper articles, you are missing a big opportunity.  By adding interesting content and blogs to our website and then sharing the content, we can drive traffic to our site. But that is only the first step.

Increasing Engagement

We have been told that if we get “likes” or “comments” on our posts, we have an opportunity to engage in a conversation and potentially develop new leads, but what if we could increase engagement on our website? We need to reduce the “Bounce Rate” (people who hit one page and leave). They need to move easily from one page to the next.  That is what menus are for. Right? Think again.

Open Your website on your desktop

 Let’s start with a quick assessment of your site.  Ask yourself these questions.

  • Is the site Easy to use? Easy to move around? Easy to find stuff?
  • How good is your content? Is your website a simple brochure? Or does it have lots of good stuff?
  • Is the site engaging?

Open your Website on your cell phone.

Ask the same questions. Are your answers the same?

  • Up to 85% of websites hits come from phones or tablets. Your website must be in a compatible format with this media
  • On a compatible site, desktop menu systems will show up in a compressed format so that is good.
  • My experience in using social media tells me that I don’t look past the current article unless there are links imbedded in the article. Would I pull down that menu system? No. Most Social Media users have a short attention span. There is a difference between searching a topic and browsing through news items. Your website articles should contain links at every opportunity.
  • Site content with pictures increase traffic and draw attention.
  • Blogs allow you to drive the topic you post.

Strategies to increase site traffic

  • Use Short Blogs and Posts to drive traffic to relevant articles on your site
  • Offer free downloads on your site
  • Increase client engagement by setting up a Client Service Center page with the log-in on it.
  • Encourage clients to use this page as their landing page. Format the page as a news center with links to new items.
  • On articles, consider adding a title: Related Articles at the bottom of your article to once again encourage additional clicks

Review Your Social Media Objectives

I will share mine below:

  • To increase the number of new prospects, and opportunities to engage them, leading to new clients
  • To enhance existing client experience when dealing with your practice.
  • To enhance our on-line image when clients and Centers of Influence make direct referrals

Key Activities

  • Connect, Connect, Connect
  • Post and Blog
  • Think:… Click, Click, Click
  • Work on your Core Platform -Website

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