The Benefits of Professional Advice

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We are Committed to Bringing Value to Clients

Since David and I became full Business Partners, we have been hard at work reviewing all our systems and processes internally to make our office more efficient and allow us to spend more time with clients. Our goal is to provide every client with our value added service. 

We provide each client with the following Benefits

  • An Annual Financial Progress Review: We provide an annual review of  Net Worth statements. This measures financial progress in terms of investments, lifestyle values and debt reduction. It provides a true measure of financial  progress.
  • An Electronic Plan: By maintaining an electronic plan,  we can develop financial planning forecasts, compare alternative situations and make smart decisions. 
  • A Strategy to Retain Investment Capital: This is accomplished through portfolio construction and the use of investments that we believe will provide a reasonable return for the risk taken. Portfolios will experience volatility and do not contain guarantees of capital retention
  • Risk Protection and Estate Preservation:  Through the use of insurance solutions we can provide cash in the event of most health risks and cash at death to pay bills and provide survivor income. We and are happy to review any policies you currently own. Insurance products may also be used for the tax advantaged transfer of estate assets 
  • Cash Flow Management Strategies: Opportunities to save on expenses and alternative uses of credit can help people maximize the benefits of their current income. 

Industry Challenges

The cost of of doing business has increased dramatically as a result of increased supervision and disclosure requirements. The work environment is more restrictive as a result of increased regulation. For example We have No Call Rules reducing phone calls and CASL. (Canadian Anti Spam Legislation) preventing e-mailing without prior consent.  We are seeing lay-offs in the Advisor Community as larger firms seek to maintain profit margins. But, Michele and I are comfortable that we have taken the right steps in our professional practice to continue to grow and flourish in this new environment.

We want to Grow our Business

Michele and I have developed a 5 year plan. Our first step has been to review our current processes and look for ways to improve them and our current service levels. Our second step is to implement improved communications (keeping them at an acceptable level) and to take advantage of opportunites provided through the use of Social Media as it continues to grow and be accepted by a larger segment of the population.   

For Independant firms like ourselves, our future growth will come as a result of Client Referrals, (you telling people what you like about us and what we can help them with). We are not part of a big branch system. We anticipate that a second source of growth will be a resut of our developing Social Media Progam. We continue to believe in personal service and warm relationships but we know that we need to embrace the new technology. We are ready to do this, but cannot do it alone.

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Who Benefits from working with us?

  • People Thinking of Retirement:  In generalterms we think of people with ages 50-65, perhaps younger
  • Women in Business, Widowed or Divorced: Women have a different viewpoint and different experiences than Men and I am well suited to understand these differences. As a Working Professional I fully understand the challenges of balancing a career and family while pursuing a professional career.
  • Professionals:  We have a great deal of experience working with professionals. From Graduation to practicing as Associates or Interns, Professionals have to consider Income protection plans, student debt reduction and tax planning challenges. I can help through all these phases and provide input on Professional Corproations and Practice challenges
  • Business Owners: I work closely with David in the business area. We offer market searches for Employee Benefits and Pension Plans. We advise on Shareholder Agreements and Succession Planning. Business Owners like everyone participate in the Retirement Market, but have more challenges than others 

Thanks for your interest and your continued support.


Michele and David