November is Financial Literacy Month

Published by David Andrews & Michele Wells on Nov 07, 2016

In 2014 the federal government launched an initiative to set goals and priorities to help Canadians better manage their finances and make appropriate decisions as their needs and circumstances change.... Continue reading

The Benefits of Professional Advice

Published by Michele Wells & David Andrews on Jun 28, 2016

We are Committed to Bringing Value to Clients Since David and I became full Business Partners, we have been hard at work reviewing all our systems and processes internally to make our office more efficient... Continue reading

Here is a Great Tax Shelter & Investment Opportunity

Published by David Andrews on May 20, 2016

Who is it for? It is for people owning a corporation with significant cash which will likely be passed to the next generation. In other words, people who don’t need life insurance. I have a well-to-do... Continue reading

Is your Website ready for Social Media?

Published by David Andrews on Apr 25, 2016

I still hear lots of people saying “I’m doing this Social Media stuff but I am not sure why. I just signed up and I’m posting stuff.”  Sound familiar?  I know I spent the better part of a year getting... Continue reading

2016 Social Media, Communications and Website Changes

Published by David & Michele on Jan 15, 2016

Like us on Facebook Under our social media initiative, we have developed a facebook page. It will include some business items and also some items of general interest.... Continue reading

Is Social Media replacing my Website?

Published by David Andrews on Jan 13, 2016

  Since I have written a couple of articles on my experience with social media, "Down the Rabbit Hole" and "It feels like a Maze", I thought I would write a final note to summarize what I have discovered... Continue reading

Social Media: It feels like a Maze

Published by David Andrews on Nov 24, 2015

Finding my Way   After my last Blog, Down the Rabbit Hole, feeling much like Alice, I booked a call with my Mad Hatter, (Social Media Consultant), to further discuss the idea behind getting connected ... Continue reading

Down the Rabbit Hole: Gaining experience in Social Media

Published by David Andrews on Oct 23, 2015

How is it going? I have come to believe that Social Media may one day be viewed as an event on par with the invention of the printing press. My first article Should You Care about Social Media? met with... Continue reading

Is that a Grey Cup Ring?

Published by David Andrews on Sep 30, 2015

Michele was on a trip to Halifax recently and took some time to look for rain gear. She noticed that the person serving her had a "monster" ring.  On closer examination, she realized it was a Grey Cup... Continue reading

Manulife Securities Community Leaders Award

Published by Michele Wells on Jul 29, 2015

David Andrews wins the Community Leaders Award Manulife Securities congratulates David Andrews, President of Focused Wealthcare Planning & Insurance, this year’s recipient of the Community Leadership ... Continue reading