About Us

Michele Wells and David Andrews feel that their biggest professional success to date has been the strong complementary partnership they established in 2006.  Michele and David share a passion for the business and continue to guide their clients through the myriad of industry changes that are currently ongoing. The goal each day is to encourage everyone to balance lifestyle & finance and make their worlds a little better.

Financial and Estate Planning

We continue to enhance our skills in the industry, taking advantage of new opportunities in the investment, insurance and banking industry We employ our financial & estate planning experience to help people maximize their experience with us. Being passionate about our business has rewarded us with many successful cliental.

Investment Philosophy

We believe in conducting business ethically and striving to do the right thing is vital to the success of our company and our clients.  We think that conservation of capital and educating our clients is the first step in building your wealth. We talk to YOU about strategies that meet YOUR goals, these could be a combination of stock, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) mutual funds or alternative approaches that YOU are comfortable with.

Cash Flow Planning

“I can’t be overdrawn; I still have cheques left!” This is not a statement we are comfortable with.  Our comprehensive Cash Flow Planning programme helps you maximize little known savings opportunities affecting your cash flow, meeting your goals and getting out of debt years ahead of your current plan.  “Get more LIFE out of the money you already have.”

Insurance Philosophy

Balancing lifestyle & finance means that in addition to understanding the complexities of cashflow, we understand the importance of insurance.  We present insurance strategies designed to protect you in every stage of your life, from the protection stage to the wealth transfer stage with cost effective ideas you can be comfortable with.

How do we get paid?

We prefer to work on an fee-based approach; Income is earned based on your asset levels. You are paying for Investment Advice, not commissions for each transaction. In some cases, you are able to deduct the fees for our service.

Our Clients

We enjoy working with Professionals and Michele provides a lot of insight into a women’s point of view about financial management. As businesses mature and the need for succession or sale occurs, we are well positioned to assist, and advise through the various stages of retirement.

Community Involvement

Michele enjoys helping out in the community in several small ways.  One day she will flipping burgers at a community BBQ another day she will be walking a dog for the Humane Society.  Dedicating a lot of her time with her husband sailing as a member of the Thunder Bay Yacht Club and the Temple Reef Sailing Club, she represents her community at several regattas annually.

David is a co-founder and President of Community Clothing Assistance, a charity developed to combat poverty though the operation of a clothing bank. He has received National Recognition from Manulife Financial for his charitable work. CCA is one of Thunder Bay’s 29 United Way funded Agencies. David Is also a member of the Canadian Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club and the Flat Coat Retriever Association of Canada and the US. He and his wife train their retrievers in Hunt test, Obedience and Rally. 


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