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Women in Transition


A sudden change in your financial situation can be a life altering event. Successfully managing financial transitions is more challenging than you may realize. It's not just a matter of managing the financial situation - it's managing the change.  

Women face many life transitions, including the loss of a spouse and divorce that can threaten their sense of well-being. Despite significant strides, some women are still not the primary managers of their financial affairs. 

Many times women have supported the goals of the family without ever truly identifying what is most important to them. Women are frequently called on to help manage the affairs of their aging parents and children. This can be both financially and emotionally challenging.

Helping women take control of their financial affairs

Our services are designed to help you build a lasting foundation for lifelong financial security and personal success. This includes collaborating with other professionals to provide expert advice and best in class solutions. We come together to offer women the right type of transitioning planning and support to ensure the best financial decisions are made, helping you feel confident about your financial future and goals.

Preparing you for transition: Our experience and expertise can help help you through these uncertain times.

Financial decision-making: Women facing separation or divorce often face stressful financial times and a crisis of identity caused by the financial implications of this stage of their lives. Transitioning from married to single-again often results in financial challenges that can be stressful. Without the right professional advice, uninformed decisions can be made that could leave you and your dependent family members at a disadvantage for the rest of your lives. We can help guide you through these difficult times.

Starting fresh: A woman transitioning into another phase of her life might need to consider moving house, downsizing, or taking on a second mortgage. 

Women-specific advice and counseling: Women in transition have financial challenges and needs that are unique only to women. From making financial decisions, to dealing with divorce and separation, to planning for life after widowhood - securing retirement on your own terms is a challenge – our experienced team is here to help!