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Cashflow Planning

Cash Flow Planning is the MOST neglected element of a Financial Plan

The reasons for this are simple.

  • Like so many things in our lives, we do it better with coaching.  Everyone has their own unique ability. For some it could be teaching, others nursing, plumbing or social work.  We may not think much about it, but in the financial services, coaching is readily available if you are going to invest something. People are paid. 
  • Cash flow planning is not an activity that generates an income for anyone but the person receiving the benefit.
  • Cash flow planning requires an effort, both on the part of the planner and on the part of the beneficiary.

Where do we begin?

Our process is simple. We ask potential clients of the process to provide us with basic information that will allow us to determine if we think we can provide you with a financial benefit by taking you through our process. At this time we are offering this analysis free of charge.

If we determine that we can help you increase your disposable cash flow, by a reasonable amount, we will enter into a contract for a flat fee that will cover the cost of the time involved. There is no obligation to place business with us and the the final report is your property.

Key Factors of Cash Flow Planning

Whether retirement is soon or not for another 20 years, maximizing cash flow is of paramount value to investors. The desire is to maximize cash flow.

  • Awareness
  • Tax reduction options
  • Use of Leverage
  • Credit Costs
  • Goal setting
  • Income protection

What people are saying

  • I was amazed at the amount of money I could save as a result of my planning with Michele
  • I had not realized how much of my money was leaking away unnoticed until I sat down with Michele
  • Michele was wonderful to work with. My wife and I have found it easy to practice her tips for money management.

*Names have not been pubished in the interests of privacy, but references will be provided upon request.

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