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Private Wealth

Why Private Wealth Management? I am happy with my current Advisor.

  • As wealth accumulates, we have observed a greater desire for capital preservation while still seeking maximum returns for the risk. The bulk of investment returns are determined by the asset allocation an investor chooses. Institutional (Private Wealth) Managers have the resources available to make tactical asset allocation decisions in a timely manner.
  • As wealth increases, Private Wealth Management Firms can provide access to on-time market opportunities from sub-advising firms that are not accessible to the general public.
  • As wealth accumulates, fee structures represent another area with potential savings

Minimum Account Size: $1,000,000


Private Wealth Management

We are pleased to be able to act as Relationship Managers with 3 Major Institutional Wealth Management Firms. Each Firm has its' strength. (Managed accounts are offered by referral)

Private Wealth Management will appeal to clients with portfolios in excess of $1,000,000. When working with a Private Wealth management firm, we continue to work with clients for their planning and their insurance needs while assuming the role of Relationship Manager for our client and the Private Wealth Management firm.


  • Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital ltd.
  • Fiduciary Trust Company of Canada
  • Manulife Private Wealth

The Process

Clients are invited to request information from us. We will obtain the information on your behalf and will arrange interviews.  Fee structures and referral fees will vary slightly from firm to firm. 


Manulife Private Wealth

Manulife Private Wealth, a unique, seamless and integrated approach to wealth management that includes banking, investment management, and advisory services. Manulife Private Wealth is designed as a collaborative service model allowing clients to retain existing trusted advisors, while receiving highly personalized private banking and investment management services, with access to an integrated team of financial planning, tax and estate experts, accountants and lawyers.

Manulife Private Wealth’s goals-based investment management approach uses a team model to leverage Manulife Asset Management’s extensive experience in domestic and international institutional investment management with expertise across asset classes and investment styles.

Call 1-807-684-1900